Environmental ICT Solution Development
Environmental ICT Solution Development

Environmental ICT Solution Development

It consists of an algorithm that can analyze large-capacity operation data generated from domestic
and foreign incineration (SRF) facilities for 24 hours.
Development of a comprehensive operation management solution that can support optimal decision-making
and enable automatic (ACC) operation in the future.

Target facility

19 industries
(Air or water quality 1 or 2 business sites)

13,000 domestic business sites
(completed by 2017-2024)

New and existing facilities after 2024
Subject to change permission and report

Work area

Emission and prevention facilities Performance diagnosis program development

Emission and prevention facilities Development of smart operation efficiency program

Integrated environmental permit follow-up management (annual report) system building

Emission and prevention facilities Design program development

epRASiM Program

epRASiM Program Algorithm

epRASIM _ Diagnosis

epRASIM-Diagnosis is a program that analyzes combustion efficiency and performance and conducts facility management diagnostics for the waste-to-energy system.
More than a million pieces of operational data can be collected to build a database every day, based on which you can conduct searches or analysis.

With the epRASIM server’s big data analysis algorithm, the incineration capacity, design settings, actual readings, and actual operational readings for pollution prevention facilities can be compared and analyzed in real time, based on which the cause for the problem is diagnosed and resolutions proposed.

epRASIM _ Operation

epRASIM-Operation is a program that supports operators in ensuring operational efficiency and conducts diagnostics.

Design settings, target settings, and actual readings can be evaluated in real time to identify the cause of the problem.

It also runs diagnostics on the operations of individual operators based on their operational settings, such as the amount of waste supplied, waste supply cycle, fire grate speed, and amount of combustion air supplied, etc. and enables consultation in real time.

The program also provides various solutions to maximize combustion efficiency and management of the facility.

epRASIM _ Automatic Control

epRASIM-necACC is an automatic operations control program.

The secondary automatic combustion airflow control device developed by NEC POWER keeps the flow of air fed to the combustion chamber at a steady rate.

This device can be used to build an intelligent combustion system based on big data analyzed in real time by epRASIM and enable automatic operation of the waste-to-energy plant.


epRASIM-PLM is a plant lifecycle management program that utilizes NFC tags.

The plant lifecycle management card system is enabled in the epRASIM server at each facility level. NFC tags installed on the facilities are used to enter inspection data into the portable device to automatically save to the lifecycle management cards.

Once saved, the data is analyzed (e.g., cause of facility errors, maintenance history, preventive maintenance, parts management) and used for design, maintenance, etc., as part of the lifecycle management mechanism until the facility is taken out of service.

epRASIM _ Reporting

Finally, epRASIM-Reporting is a program that allows you to prepare reports in real time, and print them out.

Reports can include a variety of real-time data, such as that gathered from combustion efficiency diagnostics, facility diagnosis, PLM, operational analysis per operator, financial efficiency analysis, and greenhouse gas management, etc. The data can then be shared by operators, managers and consultants to enable a smart work system.

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